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Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong

Integrated Florist Foundation Diploma

Integrated Florist Foundation Diploma covers the use of a wide variety of flowers. This course emphasizes the use of flowers, so that students can explore and use creativity to create their own style and unique flower products. After completing the course, students will become professional florists and start their career in flowers. The course covers basic flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, wedding accessories, basic bouquets and flower gifts.

Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong has premium teachers and multiple years of experience in studying floral art. We insist on teaching in small classes with no more than four students in each class. We closely follow up the progress of the students to ensure that students can master the skills. Taking practice as the goal, taking the market as the goal, have a thorough understanding of florist.

Class time: Wednesday 19:30-21:30.

                     48 sessions in total

Study: $23,000

Flower material cost: $300/class