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Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong

IPA®International Professional Diploma

IPA®International Professional Diploma cover the production and arrangement of preserved flowers extensively. The course emphasizes practical experience, so that students can explore and utilize their creativity to create their own style and unique preserved flower products. After completing the course, students will become professional florists and start their career in preserving flowers. The course focuses on guiding students to make flowers into preserved flowers, thereby enhancing their knowledge and understanding of flowers. Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong is one of the overseas authorized schools.

Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong has premium teachers and many years of experience in studying floral art, combining the techniques of preserving flowers with fresh flowers. We insist on teaching in small classes with no more than four students in each class. We closely follow up the progress of the students to ensure that students can master the skills.

With practice as the subject and market as the goal, students will have a thorough understanding of preserved flowers.

Fees: $30,000 (including the cost of flowers and containers)