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Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong

JPFA®International Diploma

JPFA®International Diploma is the most recognized preserved flower course in Japan. It was established in 2000 by the cooperation between Myoko Ishikawa and the preserved flower florist Florever®. JPFA® mainly promotes high-quality preserved flowers and their applications, so that more people can get pleasure from preserved flowers and become an interest or even a career.

JPFA® is the first preserved flower club in Japan and the first flower club to launch a preserved flower diploma course. JPFA® has about 200 accredited schools and 8,000 graduates in Japan. It is the most famous and largest preserved flower association in Japan. Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong is one of the overseas authorized schools.

The courses cover a wide range, including box flower, ceramic flower, frame flower, iron flower, glass flower, large rose, leaf garland, wrists flower, corsage, head flower, bouquet and bridal bouquet. Starting from easier to the advanced, teaching start with strong foundation, using special tools to make roses of various sizes bloom, and master the techniques to make roses bloom. Professional Florist Institute of Hong Kong has premium teachers with multiple years of experience in studying floral art, combining the techniques of preserving flowers with fresh flowers. We insist on teaching in small classes, with no more than four students in each class, individually follow up the progress of the students to ensure that students can master the skills. After completing the course, the trainees are absolutely capable of starting their floral business.

Fees: $22,000  (including the cost of flowers and containers)